While inspecting your home, a large part of it is spent on the kitchen. Just as the kitchen is important for us, it’s that much more important for you.  The kitchen is considered the heart of the home and you want the security of knowing that whatever function it has is working and not damaging the house in any way. 

One of the many parts of the kitchen we start with is the sink.  It’s important to know if there is good water pressure, if not then why not?  We also would want to know that the sink has good drainage and when it does drain there are no leaks.
Next, to the sink, you would usually find the dishwasher.  Just by opening the cupboard doors below the sink would give a good indication if there is any leak in the hoses or seals of the dishwasher which could lead to mold, or the sub-floor rotting among other issues.

Another area that is part of the kitchen that indicates it’s condition is the countertops.  If the countertops are covered in tile, it’s important to look for chips in the grout, which is where food and bacteria can get in and be difficult to clean.

We also would want to check gas lines for the oven, or if it’s an electric oven the outlet that it’s plugged in to.  Some areas for inspection that you as a homeowner can keep an eye on are the refrigerator and the oven.  Check they are working properly.
We want to be sure the kitchen in your house has no issues and continues to function the way you would expect.  If you have any questions regarding kitchen inspections, please feel free to contact us.