About Lee Ott, Owner of Affordable Inspection Services

Affordable Inspection Services has been serving Eastern Iowa homeowners and sellers since 2015. Lee Ott, Owner of Affordable Inspection Services, discovered that there was very little oversight and regulations for home inspectors in Iowa, and was dismayed when his friends had a terrible experience with an inspector that was not qualified for the job, and overlooked problems with the home that even novice inspectors should not have missed.

Lee felt that the inspection industry in Eastern Iowa needed an inspector that would give home buyers and sellers an accurate and honest assessment of their property at affordable rates. He went out and pursued an education in Inspection Services, and has received dozens of certifications from national organizations certifying the quality of the inspectors they represent. Lee stresses that when hiring an inspector, that inspector should hold certifications from the organizations that apply to the inspection.

Lee is very passionate about his business and reputation as an Inspector, cares deeply about the community he lives and works in, and loves the feeling of helping home buyers make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Regardless of the type of inspection you need, Affordable Inspection Services will give you the best quality at the best price from a professional and educated inspector. Contact us today!