Thorough Mold Inspections

Mold could be anywhere the environments right for it and the inside your home is perfect temperature, so it only takes a little moisture to intrude its way in and we got bacteria and mold growth in as little as 4-6 hours. We are here to help you solve your problem and help you find the best way for you to proceed with clean up and remediation. We could help you save thousands by just listening to our advice. Don’t get dooped by the Remediation companies into spending thousands on useless products or hazard removal fees and expensive test sampling which is only needed on occasion. We do Inspections mostly and don’t bank on remediation for our income so our opinion is unbiased and our mold growth expert has been studying it for more then 10 years and has a complete understanding of the life cycle. The only reason we offer remediation work is because we understand that not everyone can do it themselves.

With the latest thermal technologies at our disposal you can be sure that no moisture areas will go undetected . The same technology that was recently used to find hidden chambers in huge Egyptian pyramids will be utilized to find moisture intrusion areas in your home and where there is moisture you can be sure to soon find mold. A mold inspection for an average sized home is $250, which includes a report of potential causes, photo’s of mold areas, thermal images of mold areas and advice on how to remediate yourself (anyone can get rid of mold if they follow some basic procedures).

Or if your not a do it yourselfer then you can hire us to do the remediation for you, Costs for remediation vary on size of the problem but typically run around $500-$1000. We are the only company in town currently teaching homeowners how to solve there own mold problems, I am sure I will hear some flack from the remediation companies for this but paying someone a lot of money is not necessary unless you don’t want to do the work yourself and we respect that by offering advice first then remediation if you don’t think you can handle the job.

We do this because we are inspectors at heart and feel it is our duty as homeowners ourselves to inform every homeowner of the these things and As qualified mold experts we have the knowledge and expertise to find the problem and resolve not only the issue but the cause of the issue to.

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Yes, hiring a licensed mold assessment contractor is a good idea as they can help you find the mold in the home and find where and why moisture has intruded.  Let the inspector help you find the right path to take when it comes to remediation of the mold areas in most cases the homeowner is fully capable of cleaning up the mess themselves and saving  a ton of money doing so. We can guide you through your clean up process and make sure the problems get taken care of.

If you are a co-op or condominium owner, you may need to coordinate such services through the building’s management company or owners’ association for your building.